Thursday, 19 February 2015

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 "The first stages of the war in Armageddon Secundus had been favorable to the Imperium, with the chaos forces repelled across the Chaeron river. However, the servants of the Emperor weren't able to sleep in their laurels for long, since a telephatic spy had been able to steal the plans and dispositions of His armies from the minds of several high ranking imperial officers and was making its way back to the chaos lines. Angron dispatched the warlord Bodil of legio mortis to ease his passage, followed closely by a second wave of titans. As the imperium's own engines, from legio metallica, moved in to cut off their escape, the chaos relief force appeared in their rear scanners, and the battle quickly degenerated in a confrontation on two fronts" 
From "the defeat of Angron" by interrogator Hircael, Ordo Malleus.

 We played with the 3rd edition rulebook the scenario "to the rescuce". With the chaos forces having to extract an objective marker through their side of the board while having their force split in two, this scenario was also present in the adeptus titanicus game, and since our models came from that period it was an appropriate scenario indeed.

Legio Mortis
warlord Bodil 555pts
warlord Calvaria 555pts

Legio metallica
warlord Imperius Tenebrus 555pts
warlord Imperius Quintus 555pts
 Legio Metallica got the first turn, but their fire splattered inefectually from void shields.

 Mortis moves, inflicting some damage upon Imperius Tenebrus
 But Imperius Galgamech destroys Bodil with a good roll of vortex missile impatcs
 Calvaria exacts his revenge upon Tenebrus, destroying it, while Galgamech captures the chaos spy

 Galgamech strides on purposefully, saving his remaining missile for when his cose combat weapon fire (yes they fired back in 3rd edition) will help to lower its opponent's shields.
 Unfortunatelly it rolls 1 for the impacts of the missile and nothing happens, time to solve tings in the old fashion.
 The warlords grappled for two rounds, in spite of having no melee weapons, Calvaria shrugged off all attacks and survived until the end of the battle.
However, since Galgamech has got hold of the spy, the Imperium wins the battle, handing him down to the inquisition for some friendly interrogation.

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