Wednesday, 25 February 2015

First war for Armageddon: the last battle

 After repulsing the chaos in the east and west of the continent, logan Grimnar launches a counter-offensive with the last card in his sleeve: the grey knights!
The set up is a campal battle across the narrow edge of the board.
 The imperials got the initiative and deploy via drop pods in good ol' 3rd edition style

 Harald Deathwolf's longfangs

 And grey knights (bibliothecaries)
 The wolves lower the shields of a warlord wich is destroyed by a vortex warhead
 Altough the fusion of its reactor takes some astartes with it, Harald amongst them!
 The grey knights break the bersekers with slight losses after half of the kronates were pulverized by another missile

 The lone warlord tires to moneuvre after rallying the berserkers, but is killed by concentrated fire
 We decided to make a rematch alongside the long edge this time
 The longfangs deployed before the warlords, and together with their volcano cannons killed the lone chaos titan in that flank without need of vortex missiles

 In the next turn, the longfangs killed some of the berserkers charging towards them like sitting ducks
 While the titans weeled ponderously behind them

And killed the other chaos titan with both vortex missiles

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