Thursday, 5 February 2015

First war for Armageddon: the Chaeron river

 With my father we have started to play a short campaign (3 battles) based on the first Armageddon war, our first battle takes us to the east of  Armageddon Secundus, where the imperial forces lay in wait behind the Chaeron river. We rolled for historical scenarios and we got the ridge of death: with a quarter of the attaking forces (chaos) outflanking the imperials as reserves.

Imperial force:
Warlord Imperius Decimus
Warlord Imperius Terminatio
5th grand company of the space wolves (8 devastators, captain, 3 land raiders)

Chaos forces
Warlord Bodil
Warlord Vigrid
Word eaters warband Khad-hin (18 bersekers+command) flanking force

The imperials got the first turn and their warlords destroyed one of their renegade cousins with void missiles. 
 The space wolves managed to inflict some damage on the other one

 The lone chaos titan matches forth and punishes the foremost imperial warlord, chaos fails their reserves roll
 He falls to the imperial concentrated fire in the next turn.
 Victory for the imperials. wich I led. Afterwards we decided to swap places and see if the armies unbalanced and had decided the outcome.
 The impeirals got first move again, but they wasted their void missiles against the chaos engine's shields. The chaothic answer was swift and lethal: the gun batteries lowered the shields of the titans and a combination of void missiles and energy weapons killed first one warlord...
 ... and then the second one in quick sucession
 The space wolves, who had deployed at the other end of the table marched towards the titans, but their land raiders were killed while out of range.

 Finally the wolves were in range and locking on, managed to cause some damage. But the chaos answered quickly, even their reserves of bersekers appeared behind the wolves's lines
The grand company was hopeless and the imperial player gave up.

We just conted the first battle, so a victory for the imperium who holded the banks of the Chaeron as in the fluff.

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