Saturday, 31 January 2015

First day of Karak Eight Peaks campaign

 The campaign for the eight peaks started today, all players deployed their forces prior to the battle as placed in the map above, each player had a 2000pts army divided into four banners of roughly 500pts.
Since only the dwarf and goblin players were present, we decided that the non present sakaven would not be atacked (and so on with players that would be unable to come in the future).
 In the first turn of the campaign, goblins and dwarfs moved against each other with a third of their banners, the fourth ones moves against the skaven, either digging a tunnel (the goblins) or moving north.
 The second turn saw the first battles, with the goblins surprising the banner of Gotrek and Felix with two full banners and  atacking a banner in a dwarf hall with the remaining goblin banner.

 Gotrek's banner used the scenario rules made for the campaign to ambush the two banners that attacked him in a narrow passageway.
 With the first turn automatically given two him, the dynamic duo charged against a night goblin unit
 Felix falls to their fanatics and Gotrek loses one wound, but the rockfall from the fanatic's impact aginst the walls kills enough goblins to make them flee!

 With no enemies within charge distance, Gotrek marches, ending again in range of goblin fanatics!
The three new fanatics are too much for him and he is killed outright!
 The goblins that fled didn't manage to recover, losing the chance to recover the wounds lost and their fanatics; the other night goblin unit recovered their fanatics. Gotrek rolled a 2 in the recuperation phase, substracting 1 for losing the battle he ended up with a 1 disappearing from the campaign!
 The second battle took place in an underground hall, with the dwarfs defending again.
 First blood for the dwarf cannon
 I realized that I didn't put any hero in this army leaving my trolls with Ld4 to pass their stupidity tests, great! The army advanced onwards with little hope in their hearts.

 The cannon and the handgun of the standrard bearer cleared the speargobbos's ranks without causing panic tests.
 And when the archers had the chance to shoot, they began fighting amongst themselves
 Closing in, loose the fanatics 
 Two fall short, one hits, but causes just one wound
 The dwarfs lose, but are stubborn due to underground rules and so stand
 The combat drags on with no one giving ground
 The goblin archers managed to kill one crewdwarf and inflict two wounds in the cannon
 The dwarfs finally won the combat and the goblins fled
 Freeing the squigs in the process
 The cannon killed one with grapeshot, first time that i've seen someone shot a grapeshot in a warhammer game!
The rout continues, though the archers manage to kill the cannon they lose for victory points. The two goblin units, under 25% loses cannot rally or recover wounds, the dwarfs recovered the cannon and some warriors tough.
After both battles, the banner of Gotrek disappeared, the goblins conquered one territory and retreated one banner after their defeat in the dwarf hall. 

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