Thursday, 22 January 2015

Over Hill And Under Hill

My father and I went to see the last film of "the hobbit", he even got to read tha book! So I though that a homebrew scenario about the flight of the company from Goblin Town was in order. To play this scenario, we used the GW set of rules, pitching the whole company of Thorin Oakenshield against no less than 50 goblins! We used the "orc hunter" profile, since in the book goblins are nothing less than orcs who live underground and not the mutated wretches of certain movie.
The company had to reach the exit with all their members before turn 12 or would be trapped inside the mountain, dead memebers could be dragged by live ones. Neither side had to make courage tests, the dwarfs taking heart from the sudden apparition of Gandalf and the goblins intent on avenging the fallen great goblin. Also, Bilbo began within the company, but in turn 2 dissapeared from the table to find Gollum and the ring.
The battle started well for the dwarfs, killing lots of goblins, but soon they were boxed in by numberless enemies, and althought managing to kill all of them except one they lost too much time and turn 12 found them inside the mountain. The worst hinderance for the company was Bombur, who unable to make heroic moves due to his special rules could move just 12 cmt per turn instead of the 24 of the others.

Also this battle saw the first testing of the renewed tunnel scenery, wich lived up to all our expectations.

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