Thursday, 8 January 2015

Gorlak and the on' eyed boyz

 The black orc big boss Gorlak one eye first made his appearance in Skarsnik's army coming from the east with his surdy band of other balck orcs, the fame of the night goblin warlod had travelled far and no one could deny that a bood fight was assured under the Eight Peaks. Skarsnik took the back orcs as his personal bodyguard, naming Gorlak his liutenant in the surface in exchange. There Gorlack quickly beated the orcs in fighting strength and handpicked the biggest and nastiest of them to form his personal bodyguard, the on' eyed boyz.

Gorlak is a conversion based a round an orc standard bearer whose banner broke and fell despite any repair efforts.

 Gorlak's face shows a lost eye from his battles in the east, while numerous dwarf trophies adorn his armour
 Armed to da teef! the rules from 7th edition stat that black orcs may fight with a great weapon, two or one choopas as they wish  in each combat phase, such diversity of weapons had to be represented hanging around Gorlak
The on' eyed boyz are the big uns unit of the army, and have better equipment and more weapons than the standard orc, their banner depicts a one eyed skull in honour of their leader. Their spears and S4 should be of some use  in the cramped confines of a tunnel.

Gorlak leds his boyzz to a good bashing!

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