Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Rogal Dorn & Completed army

 Finished Rogal Dorn, completing a 1700pts army for the Siege of Terra. The model is the "eagle knight" from scibor miniatures, since all the eagles on the model are headless (why?) I had to chop a head from a bretonnian helmet and glue it to the eagle on his back. 

 Perhaps the red was too bright

 First time drybrushing two tones of grey on stone, medium grey to the whole and lighter to highlight a technique that I saw in a blog called Shed Wars and that I really like. The tip for a good dribrushing is make circles with the brush instead of zigzaging
 Scibor uses the same face in at least two figures! Dorn and Ferrus: twins separated at brith?
Also: why these kind of models never have eyebrows?
 No fortifications you say? The've got the walls of the place for that!

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