Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Battle of Sachsenhausen

 My father recently finshed painting his prussian hussars and we played our first game with british grenadier plus general de brigade point system, a rulebook which I dislike since it allows moving and firing before a static enemy which didn't happen in reality. My father found it boring so next time we'll perhaps play warhammer napoleonic.

 The setting: a group of french regulars retreating from the Niemen line is being chased by cavalry from the nascent prussian army, they must repulse them in order to join the main forces around Leipzig
 Rulebook and disruption counters 
 The prussian began by reforming into line with hold  orders
 Then moving onwards with charge orders
 They soon came under fire; in this game firing is quite ineffectual unless you shot with lots of models so hand to hand becomes essential
 The hussars charged the french square
 That was beaten back
 The french reformed into line 

 And advanced to get within range of the cavalry 
 Devastated by shot the remaining riders charged

But despite pushing back the french with some loss, they were eventually destroyed

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