Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Easter rising 1916-2016

 To celebrate the centenary of the easter rising this year I made a small refight around the post office, of course as a good catholic it had to be played during easter!
Played with Osprey's A world aflame
Both forces had two squads each with light machine guns, the brits also had a field gun with an artillery spotter, but they had to reduce the irish to a quarter of their original forces in order to win. The irish got Initiative 4 and morale 3 and the british 3 and 4.
 The british repressors ready to quell the irish rebels

 Behind the infantry line the commanding officer and the artillery spotter remain out of range
 The irish adopted a loose formation to avoid the british cannon's onslaught
 Just a small force in the front, if the brits want to get to the bulk of the rebel forces they'll have to come out of their barricades

 First blood was for the irish

 The british soon advanced, falling for the irish ruse, the rebels moved forwards and opened up killing most of the advanced troops

 One sergeant was killed
 One of the men perished at the hand of an infuriated irish housewife (event card)

 After being repulsed by irish fire the brits had to lay down behind cover terrified

 The british gun finally managed to kill someone, but the irish passed their 6+ morale roll
 With the britsh on the backfoot the rebels now sallied forth

 Their first shots missed the only major threat: the artillery spotter
 But as more rifles got in range he was inevitabily doomed
 One british squad was rallied by their sergeant

 But the other fled and the british player conceded. An irish victory, despite the actual events.
My father pointed out that the superior irish initiative was unfair since most of the time they got to fire first. So if we play again, both sides'll get the same stats.

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