Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Second tactical

 Unit finished!
I tried a new approach for these guys, first I sprayed the pauldrons separatelly wich allowed me to paint the power cables easily, and second I washed the parchments with ink to highlight the detail.

 The sergeant, this guy could be used as Loken for Isstvan III/crusade games
 My favourite mini: we go in!
 And the vexiliarium with the ink wash
 Just these to do and I'll have finished the Betrayal at Calth box
Template for the rules, a guy on Bolter and Chainsword first designed it and I just cleaned it up


  1. Good stuff man, loving that SoH seafoam blue/green!

  2. Appreciated! I tried a lighter colour but turned out too turquoise, this looks better.
    I'll save the turquoise for some sea themed knights...