Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Cacabelos 1809

 Another battle on the retreat to Coruña, this time british guns and infantry must defend a bridge against french pursuers.

 The battle began with skillful french manoeuvring, getting out of the guns fire zone turn after turn

 But soon, the french made the mistake of concentrating both their units on the left, creating a bigger target

 That came inmediatelly under british fire
 Panicked, the chasseurs charged trough the bridge, coming under a devastating crossfire from the front and rear

 The canister and musket volleys were too much

 Now the french infantry closed on the village of Cacabelos. But just like the prussians in Jena they fired instead of storming the place

Between the guns ad the garrison they too were broken

An unhistorical result, instead of a draw the french committed piecemeal just to be destroyed in parts. Well at least the french commander, Chabanais, wasn't killed by certain british sharpshooter...

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