Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Sahagaún 1808

In this battle the british vanguard under Lord Paget attacks the cavalry screen of Marshal Soult's army, Soult was canny enough to escape with his army from the clash but his scouts took a serious beating!
 Lord Paget at the head of his light dragoons
 French cavalry led by César Alexandre Debelle, they were of poor quality so I've rated them reliable/amateur which'll give an edge to the valiant/veteran brits

 The british got the initiative and charged
 The french fanned out

 The french refused their left
 While the british charged their right

 Both generals joined the fray with Lord Paget being killed! The combat was even
 French dragoons now charged forwards
 Debelle, joied them, ad now was his turn to being wounded
 The dragoons retreated in confusion after the loss of their commander
 Only to be charged from the flank by the british
 And rout
 The chasseurs charged the british rear
 But the dragoons turned back
 And repulsed them
 Only to charge afterwards
 The remaining dragoons moved to turn the british flank
 But the light dragoons were close in pursuit
 The chasseurs routed and now things looked grim
 Faites soner la retraîte!


 The french turned around and charged their pursuers, Gengis would be proud
 But the second dragoon unit was coming around by Sahagaún

 Things went now this side now the other until the french finally routed

The outcome went quite like the reality tough the french showed more manouvrebaily than their historical counterparts

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