Friday, 5 February 2016

Obidos 1808

With the napoleonics I've decided to reenact the peninsular war scenarios where there weren't spanish forces (wich my father is painting now and who nows when if ever will he finish), we'll play with spaniards hen he'll have the models ready. So without further addendum have here Obidos, the first battle of the british expedition in Portugal, which puts some rifles against more numerous french line; the brits are in the process of disembarking from their ships and send the rifle corps to chase a french unit out of their beachhead. This is a quite unknown battle of which I learnt from one of my friends, Oriol. Since it doesn't come in wikipedia now he can say that he knows more than the internet! 
 En avant!

 The french advanced while the brits took cover in the forests
 Soon the rifle volleys echoed trough the field
 In Lasalle skirmisher units have such manoeuvrability that it's almost impossible for the line infantry to fire or even charge them as long as they have enough room to manoeuver. 

The rifles kept retreating and the impotent french conceded and  marched back to Lisboa in defeat, those rifles are sure overpowered if you don't have any cavalry!

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