Sunday, 7 February 2016

Dorn's Huscarls

 The first unit of my pre-heresy Imperial Fists, some termies to go with Dorn. The bases of the whole army will be marble that I picked up from a mountain, befitting for the stonemasons of the Imperial Palace!
Their livery is based on this illustration from Forgeworld
 First time using round transfers and I made the rookie mistake of don't cropping the profile so there are some wrinkles on them


  1. Nice colour scheme. A bit different to the usual all yellow armour.

    On the transfers, I had the same problem when I used them on my Imperial Fists but if you get some Micro Set and Micro Sol by Microscale Industries that'll help a lot. Micro Set helps decals adhere to surfaces and softens them a bit to fit better. Micro Sol will soften them further if you have really irregular surfaces. I picked them both up at my local model shop for a couple of Pounds each.

  2. I don't know were to find any of those...

    Since this unit is pre second founding the livery combines elements from both black templars and imperial fists, you can put crosses on yellow or fists on black. The poor crimson fists haven't got any winks tough just their founder, Alexis Polux has a crimson replacement fist