Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Roliça 1808

 This week's napoleonic battle is Roliça: a small french force under Henri Delaborde must escape the clutches of the whole british army led by Wellesey in order to join with
Junot's army. If two units leave the board by the Zambugeiro edge the french win, if only one it's a tie, if none, british victory.
 The lobsters are coming!
 While the infantry marched, the british hussars moved to outflank the enemy
 The french wheeled to Columberia with the redcoats in hot pursuit

 Lord Hill's hussars manoeuvred to block the road to Zambugeiro
 Wellesey overseeing the envelopment of the french
 One french unit entered Columbeira while the other marched towards the hussars
 Only to be charged by them as the british infantry closed in on Columbeira
 Altough the french failed to form a square, the combat was even
But believing themselves surrounded by the british, the french surrendered. 
It didn't go according to history, since no french escaped, unlike in the real battle where both french units retreated sucessfuly.
Coming next: Vimeiro

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