Thursday, 21 September 2017

The secrets of Beujuntae

 Played a game of Mordheim with my father today, the misson was pretty straightforward: kill the other. To spice thing up there was a daemon that kept posessing (and even killing) our models.
 My ogre warband takes the fight to the lizardmen

 Soon a swabbie gets cut up by one of my heroes
 Half the lizards retreated to one corner, while the rest ran away

 A skink brave survived the attentions of a carnivorous plant, nothing like experience!
 My banner hero got possessed
 And died
 The last remnants of the right group were charged and taken out of action one by one
 My guide dodged a dangerous native trap

 The last lizards in the palm tree are swiftly finished off
The rest of their warband failed the rout test and fled, giving the field to the maneaters.

In the campaign phase I got enough gold to hire the seventh ogre, time to paint another one!
Magnificent seven anyone?

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