Saturday, 2 September 2017

Imperium vs Imperium

 Another match of 40k, this time an imperium bash. Whoever wins +1 point for the imperium side of the global campaign.
I brought my trusty custodes
 With conscripts/cultists (heresy!)
 And Guilliman+firebase
 My opponent had tons of guardsmen
 Primarines! Resistant but not very killy.
 And some more blood angels
 First turn the cultists decimated a unit of guards
While the custodes ran ahead
Next turn one unit of guards was killed.
At this point my camera ran out of memo (I had left the card home!), luckily not much happened, the custodes butchered some marines losing two guardians, and my left conscripts were wiped out.
Battle ended as my opponent had to leave, I won by just one VP.

I wanted to try two things: Guilliman and the conscripts. Guillie was wasted as a support character and should have joined the custodes charge; while the conscripts killed as much as the same number of guardsmen. Still I think that a punisher russ is more killy-resistant (and a better buy?) than a blob of conscripts+comissar+cmdr.

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