Saturday, 9 September 2017

40K 30 anniversary

 Today there was much rejoicing at the local GW to celebrate the third decade of warhammer 40000. The staff organized events all day: during the morning there was an AoS tournament and a crazy race using all kinds of models; in the afternoon we had a 40k tournament and there I headed with my combination of marines & guard.
 My opponent was chaos, hadn't played against them for almost a year
 The black legion was led by a fearsome daemon prince
 The prince pulled off a first turn charge thanks to a psychic power
 He killed some conscripts, but the guardsmen managed to give him two wounds at bayonet point.
 Next turn my kasrkins dropped behind some marines and killed most with meltas
 The daemon, caught in a crossfire by devastators & conscripts, was destroyed
 The kasrkin were lucky and none died, next turn they wiped out the squad
 The remianing heretics climbed on a bastion for the final last stand
 But the mass of lascannons and meltas killed them all next turn
It was then a matter of exterminating the remnants of the other victorious armies (we were 6 players, 3 of which passed to the 2nd phase) with my practially intact forces. A walk in the park.

The winner of the tournament got a surprise present: a set of 40k artwork postcards with some of my favourite artworks, the roguetrader cover amongst them; nice!

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