Tuesday, 5 September 2017

The last alliance

 The gaming season is on! Our first game is the last alliance since we're gonna devote this month to LotR battles. The rules for the scenario are quite straightforwards: the good has to kill Sauron and the evil 4 of the 5 heroes within 15 turns in order to win. The game is played with the GW rulebook at 1400pts.
 The good side is made up of all the free peoples: dwarfs led by their king Durin
 Men of Numenor under Isildur & Elendil
 Elves led by Gil-Galad and Elrond
 And one eagle
 The bad guys include Sauron, orcs and trolls
 The good begins by keeping the heroes back and sending the warriors forward
 The evil, badly outgunned, must advance too
 The dark lord himself

 The eagle advances and wins a combat against two trolls
 Sauron uses his magic to wound the bird and puppet it into the middle of his forces
 The eagle won't last long there
 While some good warriors advance, the rest shoot
 The four main heroes form a block behind their men
 Eagle still fighting (not for long)

 Sauron moves to smash some heads, a mistake since he is far better at launching spells and can't do that in combat
 As the two lines crash combats spread, the trolls are killing machines, but the orcs die quite fast

 Goodbye eagle!
 A troll is killed by men with two handed weapons
Seven turns have passed and the battle stands on a knife's edge, however my opponent has got enough and decided to concede. Victory for evil then!

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