Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Second siege of Pouia

"As the imperial navy thightened more and more the noose around the hiveworld of Pouia, the inexhaustible armies of His servants landed once more on its barren surface in a second attempt to reconquer what had once been one of the major industrial hubs of all the subsector -only behind Metalica itself-, and now  little more than a nest of chaos worshippers and their tyrannical masters. Thus the second siege of Pouia began..."
 The new campaign map with the disposition of the forces, the imperium based in the forgeworld controls the space above Metalica and Pouia while the chaos is confined to the hiveworld and its twin moons.
 The scenario rolled was blitzkrieg with chaos as the defender.

The forces:

Two warlord titans Galgamech and Quintus
4 squads of devastators+command 
(space wolf company of Harald Deathwolf)

Two warlord titants Bodil and Calvaria
8 squads of chaos marines+command
 Only one chaos detachment deploys in the table, while all the imperials are present (with the marines deploying via drop pod). The objective is to reduce the enemy to half strength before turn 6, if not, wins whoever controls more objectives (black stones).
 Chaos got first turn and seized one objective
 The warlords moved into cover behind fuel silos
 Khorne's speed! The chaos player rolls remarcably well and all his reinforcements appear, flanking the imperials.

 The marines lower the shields
 And two vortex missiles finish off Imperius Galgamech, blowing up the silo wich it was using for cover too!

 Two bases of marines die as the reactor goes nova
 Chaos engines move onwards savouring the kill
 Our turn lads! the space wolves deploy via drop pod in true 3d edition fashion
 Two fall over the board and are lost, something that at the moment seemed unremarkable but wich was to have dire consequences for the imperials. Be always sure to drop away from the table edges!
 Some missiles cause damage in Calvaria
 The imperials begin their revenge with a missile barrage from the warlord's carapace launchers

  Eat missiles chaos filth!

 Calvaria moves on and strips five damage point from Quintus with the remaining vortex missile, while the critical hit head damaged will immobilize it for the remainder of the game
 Enemy in sight princeps!
 Caught between devastators and Quintus the chaos titan is blown to pieces.
 His comrade moves away from the space wolves
 Blood for the blood god! the maddended kronate marines charge the warlord.
 While Bodil kills one unit with his heavy weapons battery
 While unsurprisingly losing the combat, the chaos marines manage to cause one damage rolling a 6 lowering the titan to half his damage points, now only the devastators remain. Never ignore infantry as the saying says.

 The imperials tried to outrun the chaos engine but were put below half strength by volcano cannon fire, thus losing the battle.
Another unsucessful attempt to reconquer Pouia, time to retreat to the ships again!


  1. Thanks for sharing.
    I see you got some flack on TMP for sharing your enjoyment of the game.
    Feel free to join The Wargames Website and post there too, hopefully a nicer environment.


  2. Thanks I'll check it out, remeber that for a argument to ensue thhere must always be two so its best to ignore that kind of guys who probably haven't played a game for years and criticize you out of spite,

  3. No worries, TWW has a 6mm sci-fi section too! :D

    Keep playing and keep sharing sir.