Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Third (and final) siege of Pouia

 With the voidspace secure the imperial forces land once more on the Pouia hiveworld to expell the chaos armies occupying it.
 The space wolves long fangs drop in front of the titan, one squad is swallowed by the toxic mud however.
 The wolves rapidly strip the warlord of its void shields, and a well placed vortex missile sents it to the hell that spawned it.
 With no enemies in sight the titans form back to bak while the wolves secure an objective
 But the chaos reinforcements aren't slow to appear, another warlord moves from one edge and inflicts some damage on one of the Legio Metalica engines
 While the chaos infantry approaches the long fangs
 Both imperial engines concentrate their energy cannons and batteries on the Mortis titan...
 Reducing it to scrap
 The two space marine companies engage in a shootout
 But as the imperial titans wheel round their fate is sealed
And are reduced below half strength, giving victory (and the planet) to His armies!
Actualized camapign map showing the next target of the chaos player: the mining world Costia X, the major producer of promethium of the sector wich will be dutifully defended by the imperial navy.