Sunday, 10 May 2015

Abba termies

Working towards the completion of my vow in the bolter and chainsword I've finished converting 40k terminators into heresy ones. It has also been the first time that I've stripped paint from plastic miniatures: if you leave the piece under 95º alcohol overnight, the next day the paint will be easy to remove using a toothbrush, there will be some paint left in the small clefts tough, but overall it works well enough. I also bought a plank of cork to replicate the asphalt of an urban environment in the bases.
 The complete vow, to be painted before the 31st of May. Some flowers too

Behind Sanguinius you can see heresy-era terminators second the card game.
First squad 
 Second squad
 Third squad
 Terminator "consul" -a captain with 2 wounds in FW books- equiped with poerfist and a paint-stripped combiweapon

 Legion command squad with jump packs

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