Sunday, 17 May 2015

Convoy x41

The Metalica campaign

Continuing with the Metalica campaign, the chaos fleet attempts to smuggle a convoy full of bombers into the hiveworld to establish an aerial base there, if two transports manage to deliver their load, the space in the system will become extremelly dangerous to the imperial fleet and will force it to retreat.

Convoy scenario, the imperials deploy with hidden markers (white squares) while the chaos space hulk ad the transports it  escorts move from the opposite board edge from the planet. Beween the planet and the hulk there are several gas clouds, an asteroid field and its two moons Castor (Jungle) and Pollux (airless).
 The first imperials to uncover themselves are a squadron of sword frigates
 Who attack unsucessfuly a transport.
 The hulk moves in to kill the imperial annoyance with guns and bombers

 A new imperial cruiser appears, but fails to down a transport with his nova cannon.
 In the next turn it moves to fire with both broadsides locking on, giving a big scratch to the hulk but failing to kill the transport due to its small size.
 Another imperial cruiser powers up in the left deploying a bomber wave and torpedoes

 The hulk now unleashes its full complement of bombers and guns on the dominator cruiser who survives miraculously with only one damage left! 
 Another wave moves against the other cruiser
 But the navy is not yet out of surprises, another cruiser appears in the screens of the chaos captains blocking the way around the planet's right.
 Transport destroyed captain!
 The bombers first launched by the left cruiser destroy yet another transport
 A transport tries to run from the cruiser that he has in front
 Using the gravitatory pull of Castor to turn round
 Now just two transports remain
 The chaos admiral (finally) gives fighter cover to one transport
 While battering a cruiser with gun and bomber, who survives thanks to bracing
 Two lone bomber squadrons launch a raid on the dominator but surprisingly don't cause any damage
 A cruiser fails to kill the left transport due to his guns running low on power after the bracing
But a wave of bombers closes into the one on the right 
Who kill it, winning the day for the imperial navy and kicking the chaos vessels out from the system.

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