Sunday, 15 March 2015

The Pouia landings

 The imperial fleet assults the hiveworld Pouia to retake it from the pirates of the komon-wealth
 The imperials advance and launch ordnance while the pirates maintain position
 The asteroid field divides the imperial advance in half
 The imperial artillery softens up some roks
 That are destroyed by bomber waves

 The imperial right flank  suffers heavy losses tough, earning one assult point with a cruiser
 Torpedo slaughter!
 The imperials manoeuvre to seize the left flank, while in their right the lone cruiser hides from the rocks behind the space station
 His divine magesty's guns make short work of the lone rock
The pirates try to react to the flanking, but with the majority of their forces in the opposite flank, they can't prevent the imperials from gaining seven assault points in one turn and land sucessfuly on the planet.

Next BFG games will be at less points and with brand new counters to ease playing for my father,

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