Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Metalica, a volcanic forgeworld

 This is a small sized planet for Batlefleet Gothic, representing Metalica, the homeworld of the titan legio of the same name. I wanted a volcanic planet and this one offered the best chance, since GW doesen't provide any information about it (appart from being a frogeworld surrounded by orks that is). 
The inspiration comes mainly from star war's Mustafar, but I also wanted to give the impression that the volcanoes erupt along the borders of the tectonic plates, hence the volcano chains. The white clouds show the dayside of the planet (since the nightside is lighted by the volcanic fires that rage night and day!)

Mons Enyalos is the biggest volcano of the planet and home to the fortress of the Legio Metallica


  1. Fantastic work and an amazing level of detail! I actually found this page searching for the Skitarii color scheme. Did you find any info except from Lexicanum?

  2. Thanks! In fact my sole inspiration for this planet was Mustafar from episode III, since watching that movie I wanted to have a volcanic planet! I've even made some ground terrain wich is now stored and I'll paint some day: volcanic sand cliffs, craters and lava rivers mainly.