Sunday, 8 March 2015


 Today we played a homebrew scenario for Lustria: the tileans led by Colombo are trying to prevent the sacrifice of a slayer to Chotec, if the mercenaries end the battle in posession of the dwarf, they gain a slayer hired sword for free without any upkeep cost for the rest of the campaign; if the lizardmen win, their leader gets +1 experience for sacrifying the raider,
 I realize now that the scenery drawed acidentaly a circle around the center of the battlefield, some geomancy involved for sure.

 The lizardmen deployed around the pyramid, with the saurians close to the stair and some skinks to harass in the flanks
 Note the amazon hired sword (using rules for the kislev ranger)

 The sacrifice is ready...

 The mercenaries stumble upon the pagan celebration, to arms!
 The lizardmen got first turn and moved into cover with everyone but one saurian
 Some mercenaries getting into cover behind a slann head
A lone handgunner hides near the column of Sotek
First encounter: madcap fungi ignored by the saurus hero
Colombo and his men move towards the pyramid taking advantatge of the jungle cover
More advances in their left flank
First blood! a halberdier is killed by a poisoned arrow
The tileans bravely climb the stairs to rescue the hapless slayer
Colombo is taken out of action by a jungle swarm
So much for the "discoverer of Lustria"
The tileans reataliate with a carnivorous plant attack on a saurian
The saurian is stunned 
and falls one level without any more damage
In the lizarmen turn, the ramaining saurians charge against the interlopers while the skinks move to surround
The totem warrior kills one halberdier
while in the lower level a saurian trades blows with the dog
The mercenaries pass their first rout test

A crossbowman manages the first kill of the tileans: a skink great crest
The saurian takes the dog out of action however
And stuns a halberdier with the bite attack
The remaining hero is killed by the swamp again
The lizardmen sally forth from the temple
A skink finishes off the prone halberdier

The tileans fail their rout test and the battle is won by the tomb guardians
In the campaign phase no one died, the tileand had all their heroes in the hospital so could not make any exploration, the lizardmen bought another saurian, gained some skills/BS increases, and found the artifacts sword of rage and circlet of the slann, wich were given to the totem warrior. The saurian hechmen had a remarcable roll, raising from thoughness 4 to 5.
The skink priest rips the heart from the unfortunate dwarf to burn it for the gods...
...throwing the corpse down the stairs where it is devoured by the eager reptiles!

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