Saturday, 21 March 2015

Floral wars

 In the depths of the lustrian rainforests, two native warbands clash during the course of the misterious floral wars between the lizardmen and the (male) amazons.
 We rolled chance encounter scenario, with the warbands deploying in opposite quarters, the lizardmen got first turn.

 The sauruses run and hide behind cover while the skinks provide ineffectual missile support
 The amazons stunned the saurus hero with slingshot
 First blood for the amazon hired sword, who killed one of her kin with a well placed arrow ¡fratricide!
 The lizardmen use movement magic to come to grips and kill another amazon
 The amazonian heroes charge to avenge their fallen comrades
 While a vicious hand to hand explodes in their left flank
However, those heroes bit more than can chew and both go down stunned. The amazon player then gives up, since in the next turn both models will be finished off by the lizardmen.

In the campaign phase nobody died, the lizardmen got some characteristhic increases, equipped two skinks with crossbows (using the shooting skill weapons specialist), found two lustrian artifacts, a feathered shield and the armour of the swamp drake, and even recruited a new skink henchmen armed with shortbow.

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