Thursday, 2 October 2014

Third war for Armageddon: malevolent dread

 The fourth scenario of the Armageddon campaign is the fight of High Marhal Helbrecht and some of his escorts against the ork space hulk Malevolent Dread. A simple victory points battle
600 points each side

4x sword class frigates
Battlebarge Light of purity
Master of the fleet (Helbrecht)

Space Hulk Malevolent dread
The black tempars seize the initative and advance, deploying thunderhawks and boarding torpedoes ahead 
The orks answer by moving between the two asteroid fields 
 One squadron of fighta bomberz destroys the torpedoes
 While the hulk's prow gunz blow up two of the frigates
 In the templars turn, the battlebarge fires upon the ork assault rams, while the combined thunderhawks launched in the previous and present turn attack the ork boarding craft
 Leaving just three markers
In the ork turn, more boarding craft is launched. The combined efforts of the two waves disable the prow torpedoes, the port guns, cause a fire on the battlebarge and even destroy the bridge, killing Helbrecht and lowering the LD of the vessel to 7. 
 The hulk advances into close range of the frigates and destroys another one with its strength 2 torpedoes and cripples the battlebarge with its gunz.
 The reamaining frigate tries to run, but is also destroyed by the port torpedoes. 
 The battlebarge manouvres to escape most of the ork boarding craft, but two of the ork vessels manage to board repeating criticals caused before.

Actualized campaign map:
Coming next week: Helbrecht's vengeance!

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