Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Third war for Armageddon: Helbrecht's vengeance

 In this battle,Helbrecht confronts again the ork menace to avenge his defeat against the ork hulk 
malevolent dread. The high marshall finds a sizeable ork fleet orbiting around Chosin and launches his forces to the attack,  amongst gas clouds and asteroid fields.
Imperial fleet:
Black templars battlebarge Light of purity
master of the fleet
Dictator cruiser Invictus (background)
Dictator cruiser Parangon (foreground)
Dominator class cruiser Ulfila

Ork fleet
Space hulk roklobba
warlord with 1 re-roll
5 ork roks
 The imperials seize the initiative and move forward,  launching their bomber waves
 The orks advance too, launching their attack craft against the Ulfila
 The bombers destroy one of the roks in the ork right flank
 While the ork assault boats destroy the engines of the Parangon
 The Invictus is boarded by two ork roks, but the combat is a draw
 The Ulfila is boarded by three ork vessels and quickly destroyed, the scrap from her plasma explosion causes some damage to her attackers

 The Invictus launches bombers against her boarders
 But surrenders after losing the boarding, while in his bow,the hulk's attack craft advances against the battlebarge
 The center belongs now to the orks, while the imperials hold the flanks

 The battlebarge moves around Chosin and destroys one rok with it's bombardement cannons

 While another one falls to the Parangon's bombers
 The black tempars thunderhawks destroy some assault boats, but the rest continue on relentlessly
 The battlebarge moves across the asteroid field to engage the hulk
 The Parangon,  unable to turn with her engines damaged, keeps launching bomber waves
 The cannons of the battlebarge roar,  but fail to destroy any ork vessel  
 The battlebarge is surronded everywhere by attack craft and torpedoes wich destroy her shields
 But still has their starboard broadside and bombardment cannons operative
 And inflicts some damage to the hulk
 The Parangon's bomber for their part fail to destroy one of the two remaining ork roks who is left with just 1 point of damage remaining
 General view at the end of the battle, with a clear points victory for the orks,  wich is added to the campaign map:


  1. Yep, closing on the end of the campaign with a clear orc victory.