Sunday, 12 October 2014

The last battle of Otto Jaeger

 The sun rises above the horitzon as another day begins in the lustrian rainforest
 The dices are rolled scoring a misty weather, all weapons halve their range and with a 6 a model will move in a random direction.
The objective of the scenario is to find the sacred treasure, 6 numbered treasure markers are spread around the table but only number 4 will grant victory
 Otto Jaeger leds his band in his last attempt to scavenge riches from the slann tombs before boarding his ship, the annabella, head for Marienburg, and put as many leagues as possible between him and Lustria
 The enemy band (white models) comprises some tileans led by non other than Marco Colombo himself! 
 A hound is lost amongst the fog
 A hero also
 Jaeger's bowmen gain the high ground
 The rest of the warband pushes on

 First encounters: a bowman crawls startled from a quicksand
 While a crossbowman is chewed up and digested by a carnivorous plant

 In the movement phase Colombo seems to be distracted by the slann engravings
 But one of his men finds the sacred treasure!
 One of Jaeger's heroes is shot down by a crossbowman
 The casualties mount amongst his ranks, he himself being felled by an arrow
 Another quicksand shallows the hero with heavy armour and the staff of Sotek!
 Luckily for his band, another carnivorous plant eats the treasure bearer
 However, Colombo comands his hound to catch the item and bring it to him, forming a protection wall of flesh around it with his men

 The leader of the enemy, captain Hans charges Colombo, but is stunned by a dino attack

 Otto's son, Gustav tries to advance through dense foliage
 Some combat in the far right
 Colombo's men fall upon the striken captain
 While the rightmost combat concludes
 A halberdier charges up the hill
 Otto attempts to recover the artefact but is killed

 And the 6th turn passes with a clear Tilean victory!
Gustav Jaeger leds his warband to the ship leaving the green hell behind.

And after losing crew (and his beloved cat!) and having braved the perils of Lustria, what have the Jaegers achieved? a total of 170 gold crowns putted together after all battles, with wich to begin a new life at Marienburg.

Finally, an image that sums up very well the adventures of Otto Jaeger and his band in Lustria by Aerion the faithful/ Nicolás R. Giaccondino
Adventurers beware!

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