Monday, 6 October 2014

Iron hands tactical legionnaries

 Squad 1, 54th company of the Arvernii clan

 Legiones astartes markings: iron hands tactical legionary
This legionary sports the fanged skull of the clan Arvernii in his right pauldron, in the right kneepad he bears the numeral of his clan company, and in the left the numeral of his squad
 Sergeant closeup
 Emperor's children weckrage
 Second squad, 54th company Arvernii clan

 Second squad markings
 Corvus pattern power armour

 The heavy support legionnaries sport the fanged skull in their left pauldron instead
Sergeant with an emperor's children abandoned backpack


  1. So cool...I designed that Iron Hands banner!! Awesome work.

  2. Also join the 30k Forum brother...

    1. Such design skills, I found it in the internet. Sorry fam but I'm already in B&C.