Thursday, 16 October 2014

Terrain for Lustria: cities of gold

 After the last lustrian battle I was in the mood to make some more terrain for the jungle.
 First of all, I created a monolithic icon of the serpent god Sotek (left) inspired by the same model that the guys in GW made for their book "the conquest of the new world", I added some triangular scales in the serpent's back tough.
 When I was little I used to go to the museum of precolumbine america to do workshops and the like and they had a huge olmec head in the entrance that always catched  my eye. So what better idea than to make an olmec head of my own for Lustria? I changed the human head for a slann one, since the olmecs carved those heads to honour important members of their comunity, the place of wich would be taken by the mage-priests in lustrian society.
 Lastly I built a spawning pool, inspired again by the same GW book
 Detail: Sotek's jaws, a fearsome sight for all skaven!
 Detail: slann monumental head
Detail: saurian emerging from the spawning pool, notice that I brushed some circles with the paint around it to create the "wave" effect of the emerssion.

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