Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Xenocide of P'Lau

 The asteroid of P'Lau was a rich commercial enclave under the benefic dominion of the Eldar. There all kinds of races traded freely in an harmony seldom seen in a galaxy full of horrors. All that was to change with the coming of the primarch Angron at the head of his13th expeditionary fleet.
By this time of the Great Crusade Angron's army had begun to devolve into a savage horde better known for its brutal assaults than any tactical finesse, leaving little but burned husks in its wake. Some voices in the Council of Terra even rumoured that the expedition harboured all kind of mutants and heathens, with the Red Angel paying no attention to what kind of monsters served under him as long as worlds fell, and that his army had become dangerously close to the cult-hosts of Old Night.
In retrospective this was to be only a prelude of  horrors fully unleashed in the Great Betrayal.

Went to a store for a game and decided to give a second chance to my Imperial Army after their ignominous defeat last month, I picked the warp cult variation of the list with masses of cultists backed by Angron&friends in dreadclaws. You'll perhaps find familiar some of the cultists since they were lent by my friend Oriol from his oldhammer project.
 Against the dreaded eldar. Luckily my opponent didn't bring any D weapons or harlequins. Since Angron is the worst primarch, this game was refreshingly softcore in the actual meta ruled by cheesebuilds and OP units.
 Lots of grav tanks
 Cult horde on the table
 With World Eaters in reserve
 Eldars got first turn and killed some cultists, my pods dropped then behind their lines
 Just one sniper died to the heat created by the pods

 My psyker blew his brains out as always instead of summoning deamons
 Only to be possessed by a chaos spirit, spooky!
 A pod was destroyed by fire dragons and its occupants massacred by a wraithlord
 Angron to the rescue of his sons!
 Cultists are quite useful, here we see them damaging an enemy tank, eldar tanks only survived thanks to having paid for a 5+ invulnerable save beforehand
 The snipers were sandwitched between my centurion and some cultists and killed to an elf
 Angron attracted most enemy fire next turn
 Then the eldars foolishly charged, they almost killed him but he took out the eldar warlord in this round. He has an amazing rule that allows him to challenge all enemy characthers being able to kill several choice targets each turn.

 The bikes ran away from Angron only to be caught and destroyed by a lone marine
 The primarch kept on killing thanks to his high initiative
 Charging an eldar tank again, if not for those 5++ saves...
 Some bikes came too close to some cultists and got charged
 A unit of dire avengers appeared and killed off some cultists in my right
 My second tactical finally disembarked, killing a tank over an objective
The bikes were almost wiped out.

Final result: Imperium 16, Eldar 4. 
The cult is amazing and Angron came out as a genuine surprise, the only disappointment was that Surlak characther. Now I need some better drop pods...

Only the Imperium shall trade from P'Lau now, not some xenos rabble!


  1. Excellent battle report! Really looks like it was a fun game, glad to see the xenos filth get a good kicking. :)