Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Age of Independence: Fall of Charlestown

 Kicking off the Age of reason AWI campaign, above the deployment. 
The british sent the army to America under the command of George III (Ohio Valley), Howe (Lower Canada) and Cornwallis (Florida), the warfleet was placed in the west Atlantic and the transport ships in the Indic (indiamen perhaps?). Burgoyne was sent to India "for reasons".
The americans concentrated all their army in the Middle Atlantic Colonies under Washington and Lincoln, with small detachments under Greene in the north and Lee in the south.
 In the economic phase the british got a warship in the East Atlantic and four more SP in Florida. The americans recruited an extra SP in their capital.
 In the movement phase the british armies attacked each one american territory. So we have generated three battles and we're beginning by the one in the southern colonies, 
 General Lee defends Charlestown with a batallion of regulars and another of  milita vs 8 british SP

 The british advanced fast in column

 Surrounding the american position

 The hessians took a bloody nose overconfidently attacking entrenched milita
 Then wheeled about and charged the other building together with some regulars

 With his retreat cut off Lee decided to surrender
 American prisioners marching off to the hulks

The british then got possession of the territory
The press soon gets wind of the news...


  1. I've enjoyed reading about your campaign so far. Look forward to further updates.

  2. Glad you like it! We're aiming at one battle per week.