Sunday, 3 January 2016

Turning on the engines for the Eight Peaks

I met with the dwarf player and went trough the winter season of the mighty empires rules. First we moved our troops back to our lines, then I cast a spell on one of his territories that won't produce sustenance next year, he rolled a pretty nasty even that robbed the skaven player and myself of one territory's revenue, finally he didn't choose to buy any agents/fortresses while I bought two assassins and one agent. Hence he got 1400pts that he'll spend on troops reaching roughly 2900 before the battle season, but since his king Belegar wasn't protected by an agent my assassin killed him and 70pts of attached troops, He needs a new commander and soon! I got 1400pts to spend in toops too after the 300spent on agents. Someday we'll play out the season with the skaven player, he's got an assassin already heading  for his general, Queek Headtaker!

So since the dwarfs'll get reinforcements expect some regiments coming in

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