Thursday, 7 January 2016

Quatre Bras 1815

 Another refight today, Quatre Bras.
In this battle the inferior troops of the Duke of Orange must hold against the superior forces of Ney while Wellington comes up with the rest of the army.
Ney'll also recieve some reinforcements: cuirassiers and infantry.
 The initial (and scant!) british forces garrisoning the village of Pireaumont
 Ney & friends
 Grand Pierrepont
 Picton comes in with infantry, cavalry and the guns

 Wellington also shows up coming from his meeting with Blücher
 The light dragoons dashed trough the forest
 The french division of Jerome Napoleon bolster the french
 Long range artillery duel while no one advances, more british coming in

 Kellerman's cuirassiers join the battle charging at the dragoons
 The french infantry form in line
 While the chasseurs à cheval march across Pireaumont, losing some men to the defenders's muskets

 The cuirassiers smashed the lighter horse

 In prevision of the coming onslaught the british formed squares

 The british guns killed some french with roundshot
 The chasseurs come too close to several british units and are routed by the massed volley

 General's picnic
 The british present a musket line to the cuirassiers who'll withdraw

21:00 the battle ends as the sun sets.
With one cavalry division down in both sides the battle is a tie, most disapointng!

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