Saturday, 30 January 2016

Blog Record!

This month marks the highest point in views of my blog and from here I would like to thank all of you who devout some of your time to take a look at my humble posts; be you follower or just a passing visitor your support is greaty appreciated!

Looking at these statistics it becomes clear that January/November 2015 and January 2016 have been the most visited months. I've come to the realitzation that since these months share posts that offer wargaming products for low prices (unerground terrain and scratchbuilt gargants) the thing that the viewers want is content that is both cheap to make and innovative/classic-old because it offers something that is out of what you usually see and provides a cheap alternative to usually expensive gaming. January 2016 has also been given a boost from the sh*tstorm about some badly designed british flags that made lots of TMP users come here to see them for themselves!

However if you look at the graphics you'll also see that from January 2015 the thing went down as I made more and more Horus Heresy models, that's suff that everyone has seen, (meh more marines) and hence gets little to no attention. Since I'm planning on making more marines from now to the summer visits'll plummet at least until the next warhammer campaign based in the empire. Not really, the green fields of the empire are something too mainstream to pick any interests, but it'll surelly take the graphic out from the marine abyss XD. However I'm planning to create a wargame of my own about a previously unexplored setting that could be or not a revelation.

Again thanks for your support, I never created the blog for attention fishing but it's always good to know that one's work is checked out.

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