Thursday, 21 January 2016

Raid on l'Anguille

 Went to the store again, this time for an initiation battle of warhammer 7th edition. I brought 1500pts of dark elves against the same value of bretonnians new to the game. It was the baptism of fire for my pirate ogres (representing Golfag's Maneaters).
 Unremarkable first turn, some losses by both sides's shooting

 Ranged elves rallying
 In my 2nd turn Shadowblade showed up in a unit of bowmen...
 ... routing them
 They failed to rally in the next turn getting dangerously close to the board's edge
 A lance of knights charged my corsairs, who held thanks to a banner that gave them frenzy
 While the pegasus knights got into position for a flank charge
 After magic and shooting the pegasi failed their Ld test and ran!
 The lance was charged in the flank by Golfag's Maneaters, Golfag challenged the bretonnian general, who promptly accepted inflicting one wound each in the combat. The knights held despite their compromised situation, the presence of a damsel nearby surelly helped!
 The pegasi rallied
 Another charge where the elfs held with an amazing 3 in the Ld test
 Shadowblade had by now been killing some grail knights, but apallingly he failed his Ld test (despite having to roll under 10 in 2D6) and was run over by the vegeful nobles. Instant karma! 
The ogres managed to rout the knights in this last turn
 Taking advantadge of their persecution move the corsairs went to help my general, who had been holding a unit of novel knights on his own during all the battle
With this the battle came to an end, the elves won thanks to routing the general despite Shadowblade's poor performance (overpriced at 1500 perhaps, for that the Empire gets an OP steam tank)

The fact that the bretonnian player was a newbie to the game translated into lots of outflanking; next time, with more experience, he won't be caught so unawares!

Mixed feeling about the ogres: they didn't kill much and they just won the combat thanks to modifiers, but hey, they got me all my victory points after all.

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