Friday, 2 October 2015

Isstvan V inspired game

 Our first Horus Heresy game today, Iron Hands vs Emperor's Children over the black sands of Isstvan V. We rolled the mission big guns never tire (wis whoever controls most objectives) with the Hands deploying and going first. 

 The first casualty was a command squad marine killed by one of the predators executioner, they concentrated their fire on Fulgrim causing him three wounds.
 A bunch of tacticals died too under the plasma bombardement
 In the Chindren's turn the reserve termies deployed via deepstrike shooting at Ferrus with their combibolters, they just wounded him once despite the grav-gun fusilade
 A termie killed by bolter fire from other tacticals who did fury of the legion tho shot twice
 Ferrus and the morlocks coming in for vengeance
 The scatter of one executioner cannon killed some of them with friendly fire

 Santar the Hands centurion was killed by the Children's praetor Julius Kaesoron (just like in the book!) who was then felled by a powerfist, the children's sergeant sacrificed himself in challenge with Manus to keep his lethal attacks contained.

 Despite losing the combat Fulgrim's special rules assured that the outcome was a draw
 Termies advancing in the right

 After crawling out of the rocks Fulgrim and his phoenix guard (command squad) charged a tactical squad
 They killed them all but the hands sergeant slayed a guard in the challenge
 Combat tied again in the center
 And at the end of turn two we ran out of time, time to count the victory points
 The chilldren had one
 And three
While the hands had just one, victory tot the traitors then!

My opponent said that it was a fun and balanced game so we`re sure to play more of it in the future, my Emperor's Children need some antitank guns tough.
Sweet victory!

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