Friday, 16 October 2015

Battle for the Agriworld

 In this battle the objective was to capture the relic placed on the center of the map, althought deploying first, the Iron Hands moved little wich allowed the Emperor's Children to seize the objective deepstriking a unit of termies on it. The Hands's tanks wounded Fulgrim severelly but failed to kill the relic carriers afterwards, two out of three were killed in turn by a mortis dreadnought and a tactical squad. The two primarchs traded blows with Ferrus surprisingly getting the better of it. As at the end of the battle the Children had first blood (1victory point), linebreaker (1) and the relic (3) opposed to just linebreaker (1) of the Hands victory was theirs yet again. The loyalist player decided then to switch legion next time to the terminator army of the Blood Angels.

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