Sunday, 27 September 2015

Mechanicum+militia 2000pts

 The habituals of this blog will remember that several years ago i built a rather blocky reaver titan, when i finished I wasn't convinced with its dorsal armament so yesterday I built him two improved weapon options. A vulcan megabolter (on the left) for dealing with those annoying flyers and a double-barrelled turbolaser for D strength spam.
 As titan class weapons they are quite big
 The megabolter mounted on the reaver
 and the turbolaser

With these changes I've got yet another 2000pts army for the Horus Heresy achieving a 25% rate of completion towards the siege of Terra project. The plan is to mass a total of eight armes to play the siege with: Imperial Fists, Blood Angels, Mechanicum, White Scars for the loyalists and Emperor's Children, Death Guard, World Eaters, Thousand sons for the traitors. Each faction will also have Horus and the (not yet god) Emperor with a unit of bodyguard (Justaerin/Custodes), the objective of the campaign will be obiously to kill either Horus or the Emperor. 

Mechanicum 2000pts

Leviathan organitzation chart

Reaver battletitan: 2x arm laser blaster 1x laser blaster 1475pts

Allies (imperialis militia)

HQ: command cadre 30pts
T: grenadier squad, lascarbine 75pts
HS: leman russ squadron, 3x leman russ 420pts

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