Thursday, 10 September 2015

Moria campaign scenario 2: Battle for the dwarrowdelf

 Our next battle takes place deep below the mountains: in a pillared hall Dubruz the goblin king faces Balin across a deep chasm! Whoever reduces the enemy at one quarter of its strength wins!

 The dwarfs are led by Balin (red shield in the center) and two captains Floi (yellow) and Nali (white shield)
 The chasm divides the battlefield, it can be crossed by a narrow bridge or jumped (albeit at some risk -1s dies-)
 The goblins have the numercial superiority and nefarious creatures such as one cave troll, goblin shamans and foul engines like the goblin drum.
 In the flanks of the goblin force are deployed two groups of archers 
  The goblins are led by their king, Dubruz (with a fur cloak in front of the drummers)
 The two forces move towards the bridge
 First blood to the evil side, a kazad guard killed by an arrow
 The dwarfs begin to cross the bridge, but their lead warriors are out of range from the banners's bonuses! The first dwarf is killed.
 Two dwarves jump trough the chasm, one falls to his death
 And the other is quickly surrounded

 However a dwarf actually maneges to defeat the troll and wound it even!

 More dwarves jump trough and are surrounded

 The brave dwarf in the bridge is quickly surrounded and killed
 A lone dwarf survives thanks to his armour in the right

 With most of his crossing forces defeated the dwarf player decides for a change of tactic
 Heroic victory of the surrounded dwarf who then jumped trough the chasm and left the goblins behind in an poper adventurous manner
 With the bridge clear the goblins pour in
 But the thing goes awry, here the first loss of the evil side so far in the battle
 Balin kills the troll

 Perhaps it wasn't so good an idea to cross that bridge
However the dwarf player concedes as he doesn't believe that his forces will hold the next turns


  1. Exciting game. Not sure if I would have tried jumping the chasm....but then I'm not a dwarf.

  2. The dwarf player thought that it would have been very boring to fight just trough the bridge, he just lost two warrirors tough