Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The end of all things

 Finally the last battle of the return of the king, the scenario of the rulebook where the free peoples stand against the hordes of Mordor just to give frodo and Sam a chance to throw the ring into the fire.

In the foreground Aragorn and his men are sorrounded by orcs and evil men led by two nazguls. The free peoples have lots of heroes tough: Legolas, Guimli, Eomer, Imrahil and Gamling.

 In the background Frodo and Sam advance to throw the ring but they'll have to cross a bridge defended by Gollum

 My preciouss...

 The minions of the dark lord begin to advance into the hill
 A troll cheftain confronts Aragonr, but unlike the movie he kills him with ease
 Gaps begin to appear in the free people's lines and through them orcs and easterlings pour through to attack the archers in the hill's top
 Eomer fights bravely alongside Aragorn

Eventually frodo manages to kill Gollum and throws the ring into the orodruin ending thus the dark reign of Sauron once and for all
Luckily for their friends that are losing the battle in the hill.

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