Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Scratchbuilt black templars battlebarge

 I made this battlebarge with a new material that I recently discovered, and that will become the base material for my future projectes. An extra thick cardboard that althought hard to cut presents smooth cutting surfaces (unlike the foamboard) and that accepts as well the white glue as the super glue. 

This vessel in concret represents the "light of purity" the flagship of High Marshal Helbrecht in the third war of Armageddon, and will take part in an upcoming campaign based around the naval encounters of that war. Althought the "eternal crusader" took also part in the conflict, my oppinion is that the black templars would never risk their most venerated vessel (that also acts as their fortress-monastery) in battle, relying in the "light of purity" instead as battlefield flagship.

I used a diversity of components to make the ship, spare parts form BFG cruisers, shield emblems form the empire state troops and even a little model of the temple of Salomon as the cathedral's facade, and also toothpricks and drinking straws.

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