Friday, 29 August 2014

Third war for Armageddon fleet strength

 My imperial fleet ready to give a hard time to the brute orc invaders in the upcoming batlefleet gothic narrative campaign: 
A total of nine scenarios that will pitch the imperials against Gazghkull Thraka's vessels for the control of the Armageddon System. 
The scenarios follow the history of the war as told in the old spanish web of games workshop, using homebrew scenarios, scenarios offered in that page and later events added afterwards by GW such as the fight for the "malevolent dread" space hulk.
 Tyrant and Gothic cruisers

 Dominator cruisers

 Imperial battleship, will be used as either Apocalypse or Oberon class

 The bridge has been embellished with elements of diverse procedence

 Three sword class

Comparison shot between the battleship and my scratchbuilt battlebarge

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