Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The battle of the Pelennor fields

 Forth eorlingas! Death!
 Rohan from the flank and Dol Amroth from the front pick the orcs in front of the Gate between the anvil and the hammer

 killing scores of them
 leaving just one of them to run away
 Drive them to the river! make safe the city!

  Reform the line, reform the line,sound the charge, charge!

Théoden, Gamling and Imrahil charge the mûmaks with heroic moves stoping them in their tracks before they can unleash their full power
 Rally on me rally on me! says the king, but the Black Captain is upon Théoden!
 Suladân himslef (shrouded in a black cloak) joins the fight against Imrahil
 The rest of the cavalry advances against the forces of Mordor
 But the reserve of orcs and haradrim cavalry advance to intercept them

 The riders of the desert make short work of the sons of Eorl
 Then, the black ships of the corsairs of Umbar appear over the Anduin and all hope lefts the hearts of the free peoples
 But their hearts revive when Aragorn, the grey company and people from the south of Gondor appear instead!
 The last Dunedain
 There's plenty of them for the both of us, may the best dwarf win!

 Eowyn and Merry join the fight against the witch king
 While Aragorn and his reinforcements clash against the orcs

 Legolas kills the comander of the mûmak with a lethal shot

 view of the fight in the center
 The archers in the castles keep killing men with their poisoned arrows felling knight after knight of Dol Amroth, even their proud banner falls in the mud. A funny situtation here, an orc  found himself suddenly alone as the arrows of the haradrim killed the two rohirrim against he was fighting, leaving him miracolously unscatched.
 Feast on his flesh
 I'm no man!
 fifty, sixty!

 a haradrim rider charges Legolas in an attempt to stop his lethal shooting
 Come on then, come on!
 The haradrim archers kill all the dunedain in a single turn

 But the free peoples have suffered too griveous losses and lose the battle after the 50% of their soldiers lay dead


  1. Very Cool! What a treat seeing this in nicely painted 1/72nd!!

  2. Thanks private, the concluding battle this year will be the one in front of the black gate! in September perhaps