Saturday, 26 July 2014

Lizardmen vs orcs

 All the players are gathered, the fans are cheereing and this game of blood bowl is about to begin! Here we can see coach Costa's entourage in the sideline flanked by the team's cheerledars and it's apotecary he is ready to give the orcs a hard time! in the backside you can observe coach Costa's totem: the skull-ruler!
 And here they are, the orc staff is all gathered to assure today's victory: the musician leads the hymns, the apotecary preapares his concotions and the coach assitant stares hardly to the players whip in hand all this while coach Francesc finishes the last touches to "da tactic".
 The lizards are upon the pitch! 
Facing some really furious orcs!
 The refree throws the coin and runs from the middle of the two berserker waves as the game begins! 
The orcs kick and the lizardmen rush to take posession of the ball 
 Typical melee in the centre
 The lizards open a breach in the orc left

 Across wich their runner may pass and score
 Kerrunch! the troll falls down as nothing seems to be able to stop the saurian tide
 Hey ref that was clearly a foul! damn skavens...
 Luckily for the orcs, one of their blitzers end brtually the sprint of the skink with the ball.
 Fouls? I have seen-found none
 With one of their blitzers in possession of the ball, the orcs pass now to the ofensive
 The saurians try to stop them but without any luck
 It's payback time!
 The blitzers smash aside all oposition

 What's going on? ah nothing I see
 bribe-corruption? what do you mean-suggest?
 The orc's apothecary hurries to help one of their players with his shrooms potion
 wich is also needed by a thrower
 Finally some expulsion, not even the highest bribe could make him pass such brutality, or was a higher bribe from the orcs? anyway, that saurian won't see anymore game today.
 Another saurian is pushed into the crowd but his tick skin protects him from its "attentions"
 But when the orcs seemed to be close to scoring, the lizardmen began to encircle their position
 In the center the tackle continues
 That was some bad luck! the blitzzer fails to dodge and falls clumsily to the ground, one skink quickly retrieves the ball and makes a quick throw to one of his teammates 
 Who runs to the touchdown line
 And scores after evading the orc defenders who bite the dust in his path
With 1-0 in favour of the lizards coach Francesc has to act quickly if he wants to recover the day
 Inexplicably the lizards leave their left flank wide open for the orcs to pass, they even throw the ball out of the pitch! which gives the orc coach the chance to give the ball to the troll in the hope that his might will be enough to smash the skink defenders
 With the troll in the center the orcs form a protective line around
 The apotthecary-priest gives very needed aid to a fallen saurian
 but he has run out of healing magic when trying to revive a skink
 in a last manouevre, the skinks form desperately a barrier before the fearsome troll
who unable to tackle and dodge all of them simply throws the ball in the touchdown line for a thrower to pick up and score in the very last second of the match!

In the post match sequence lots of lizardmen gained new abilities for just another one for an orc blitzer. With the income of the match the lizardmen paid their debts to the undead coach Oriol giving him 50000 crowns in return of the 40000 that he had lent them after their last meeting. The orcs earned 100000 crowns (rumours of blackmailing and coertion abounded) that spent in a wizard with the frog spell and five brand new cheerleaders or a goblin their coach is still unsure.

Up to this point, both teams were so high in the league roster that the other two remaining teams found out that it was mathematicaly impossible for them to classify for the final. So after this draw all is set to  play the grand final (hopefully in no time) wich will be also lizardmen vs orcs!

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