Saturday, 12 July 2014

Lizardmen vs undead, second half

 So here we go again, the second half of the match that had been unfinished due to lack of time.
The second half started rather bad for the undead, with six of his players being knoked down due to an invasion of the field by the contrary fans.
 Capitalizing the confusion, the lizardmen make a opening by their left 
 Scoring quickly
But the undead, taking posession of the ball, manage to cross to the contrary pitch with one of their ghouls, who after struggling to reach the touchdown line against the contraries for some turns, manages to score in the last minute evening thus the match result at 1-1.

In the post match sequence, the lizardmen managed to increae their team's fans by one more point, earn some gold and make threee rolls in the advance table wich resulted in three new abilites.
The undead also gained one ability, and making a most gracious gesture, their coach gifted his opponent with the gold coins that he needed to buy a kroxigor, who will join his team soon.

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