Thursday, 19 June 2014

Xenos hired guns

Inspired by the above illustration I give you two more agents of my xenos inquisitor: the Hrud nocturnal warrior and Y'Har the Thadiv Warrior
 Hruds are a nomadic race of the warhammer 40k universe and can often be found as sellswords in the most diverse places, varying from a band of void pirates... to an inquisitorial warband!
Those who wish to know more may consult the archives of the Ordo Xenos. But beware, for no knowledge comes without its price!

 a closeup of the Hrud rifle
 Y'Har the Thadiv Warrior. After reaching his second decade as an inquisitor, Ivanov stumbled upon a clue that led him through several dark eldar cults in imperial worlds to learning of their plan to invade the unknown world of Hargana in order to activate a warp gate that would lead them to the black Libary. Upon learning of this, Ivanov decided to act inmediately, and with the support of his Harlequin allies he rushed to defend the gate. But there was a factor that none of the sides had taken into account, and that was that Hargana was already inhabited. Indeed, the thadivs were a peaceful species of xenos that lacking warp travel capacities, never bothered to come out from their native system, and thus they remained unknown to the wider galaxy. Thadiv society was articulated around  a caste of priest-kings that ruled a cluster of independent city-temples, and from the strongest denizens of their cities they choose the temple guard that defended the city with surprisingly advanced technology. The dark eldar came, but Ivanov, who had got there first, had sealed an alliance with the closest kings, and when the pirates emerged from their ships, they found rank after rank of disciplined temple guards backed up by harlequins and the inquisitor's own retinue. After the defeat of the corrupted eldars, the king-priests gave many thanks to the inquisitor for his warning and help, and upon seeing that three members of his warband layed dead, they offered him the three best warriors amongst their guard to acompany him in his never ending quest among the stars. 
The thadivs hold on to many strange and peculiar beliefs, chiefly amongst them is that no one can harm any creature except at hand's reach, that obiously limits the role of Y'Har and his brothers to the hand to hand combat, but once they come to it, no enemy can survive the might of their energy coated weapons. The thadivs have served well inquisitor Ivanov for many years, and upon the death of one of them, he comes back to Hargana, and another replacement is inmediately given to him by the king-priests to maintain the original tryad and the protection of the inquisition.
Y'har is armed with a ritual axe and a powerful energy blade powered up by a back generator, the blade may be clumsy, but when it hits an enemy, the impact is so brutal that there isn't much left of  him to bury.

closeup of the power blade

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