Sunday, 22 June 2014

Blood Bowl by the pool

Since the summer is already here and the heat begins to tell, I decided to invite two of my friends with their wives and children to the comunitary pool, and why not play a bit of blood bowl meanwhile? 

Both of them are coaches in our ongoing kislev cup and today, they played the first half of the match that their teams had to play in order to classify for the final.

So after a refreshing bath both coaches took hold of their teams and the game began, pinxapinyes lizardmen against necrofila undeads!
 The lizardmen got the initiative and one of their skinks rapidly claimed the ball
 Trying to slip it across the zombieline
 The rightmost zombie is knoked down
 In the undead turn, a ghoul tries to make a penetration against the skink with the ball but fails akwardly wit a skull in the tackle dice, losing the turn to the other team
 However, the lizardmen also waste their chance trying to dodge across a zombie and falling to the floor after bad dice rolls
 Owning the initiative again, the undead pick the ball with a ghoul and move backwards
 Making a surprising move when passing the ball to a lone ghoul  near the middleline!
 The lizardmen hastily try to form a barrier before so sudden danger
 A vicious hand to hand erupts around him, but again a trip ends the turn for the lizardmen, with a saurus bitting the dust this time
With the path open, the ghoul sprints towards the touchdown line 
 But two skinks quickly sorround and overpower him with shameless abuse, althought the ghouls is thrown into the public, he manages to survive their kind "attentions"
 A saurus makes a foul, but the always vigilant refree quickly expells him from the field
 The undead launch a counter attack that inhabilits the skinks, while in the center the tackle continues endelssly
 But the lizardmen coach reacts rapidly with two of his saurians that smash a zombie to pieces
 One of the skinks dodges the ghoul, picks the ball and...
Makes the signature move of coach Costa, a long throw into the enemy pitch!
 A ghoul runs towards the ball, seeing that he cannot reach it, he makes and agility roll to move extra squares, but trips and falls, losing the turn
 In the lizardmen last turn, a skink quickly slips trough the undead net, but is too short from the ball making it impossible for the lizardmen to score in this half
 Since he cannot score, their coach intends to inflict the maximum damage to his opponent with numerous tackles and fouls that do not cause many injuries in fact
 In the last undead turn, the ghoul next to the ball rises and tries to dodge the skink's control zzone, but fails and with his fall to the ground end the first half.
In the above image you can see that with a bit of luck he could have piked up the ball, thrown it to the other ghoul deep inside the lizardmen's pitch and score, but the dice didn't smile on him.
A view of the undead sideline at the end of the first half, full of inconscious players and even a zombie expelled from the field by the ref, however, their regeneration abilities will help them to refill their losses quickly 
The lizardmen's is far emptier by far (thanks to the S4 of their sauruses of course), but one of their players has also been expelled and won't take part in the next half.

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